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At Rob Smith Property Investigations our promise is to perform your inspection as if you were family.

Congratulations on the contract to purchase your next new home!

These are the words you have been waiting to hear, but yet it is just the beginning of another phase of the home buying process called the “Inspection Period”. During this time, it is necessary for the protection of your interests to have the house evaluated by an independent and qualified professional. It is now time to determine the current condition (structural and mechanical) of the house, and have the information reported in a readily understandable manner that is useful you.

At Rob Smith Property Investigations our promise is to perform your inspection as if you were family. Rob will be prompt, thorough, and strive to answer all of your questions. Providing timely and accurate information to you is necessary in your decision making process.

Providing consumer protection in every home inspection.

Our Services

Home & Termite Inspections

Protect your investment with a Home & Termite Inspection from Rob Smith Property Investigations. Contact us today!

Home & Termite

Septic & Lagoon Inspections

Trained and experienced in properly inspecting/evaluating and reporting on the current condition of a septic system.

Septic / Lagoon

Radon Monitoring

Ensure your family is living in a safe and healthy environment. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.

Radon Monitoring

Our inspection services will increase your peace of mind through the discovery of current conditions. Incorporating the services of Home & Termite Inspections, Radon Monitoring, and Septic / Lagoon Inspections during the inspection period will reduce your time and financial investment, as well as maximize your information-gathering ability. Additionally, Rob has teamed up with Residential Warranty Services to provide a FREE 90 Day Warranty to compliment the Home & Termite Inspection.

Home sellers or current home owners can also benefit from Rob’s inspection services. Knowledge is for everyone, and knowing the current condition of the house you are living in is a matter of personal and financial protection, as well as peace of mind.

Contact or call Rob today with questions or to reserve a date and time for your inspection.


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