Septic / Lagoon Inspections

Septic / Lagoon Inspections are more formally known as On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Inspections or Evaluations. The purpose of an inspection/evaluation is to assess the current function of a septic system under normal operational conditions for real estate transactions, and for individuals to make an informed decision regarding the current condition of the system.

As a Missouri Licensed On-site Wastewater Treatment System Inspector (#50812), Rob is trained and experienced in properly inspecting/evaluating and reporting on the current condition of a septic system. There are a variety of system components, specialty systems, and usually a site specific installation design. Rob will find the existence of State or local permits issued for the type of system you have. He will then perform a proper and complete investigation and report his observations and recommendations to you quickly.

Is there a difference between an inspection and an evaluation?

Yes there is! A septic inspection provides a comprehensive assessment of the system and all accessible components visible on the day of the observation. The tank must be exposed to allow access to visually inspect the internal components. In addition, a hydraulic load test is performed to determine whether all wastewater lines are connected to the system, and whether the soil absorption area can accept a normal daily flow. An evaluation reports on the general condition of a system, based on observations in the area of the system. This assessment is not as comprehensive as an inspection, and does not include a hydraulic load test. The tank is not uncovered or internally evaluated. The intent of the evaluation is to determine how the system appears to be functioning at the time of the assessment.

How often should I service my septic system?

Most systems do not have a record of servicing; however it is highly recommended that a septic tank is pumped out every 2-5 years, depending on use.

What if I have a private water supply or well?

If a house is on a private water supply or well then water well sampling for coli form and e-coli contamination is performed. The water sample is relayed to the Missouri Department of Health Lab for analysis. You will be notified of the analysis report quickly after receipt.

Did You Know?

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services licenses inspectors to assess the septic systems. There are educational, testing, and continuing education requirements to be met for licensing with the State. No private person may officially inspect or evaluate a septic system in Missouri, without being properly licensed as an Inspector by the State.  This includes all persons in the plumbing, construction, and septic system installation trades.

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